Feb 23 2012

An Interesting Legal Case – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

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Jeff Segal, MD, JD, FACS

Kyle Richards, 21, an inmate in a Michigan jail, sued the governor and the state over his lack of access to porn. Really.

Who is Kyle Richards? He entered a guilty plea to bank robbery. Now, he claims he is being subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” because the jail does not allow pornographic materials.

Richards wrote, “Such living conditions have been used as a method of ‘psychological warfare’ against prisoners, in order to both destroy the morale of inmates and break the spirit of individuals.”

A repeat offender, Mr. Richard’s record includes convictions for assault and battery and assault of a prison employee. He has filed complaints in several courts, and judges have dismissed at least three as frivolous.

Richards says he is suffering from chronic masturbation syndrome and sexual discomfort.
“Sexual deprivation has been used against plaintiff in a way as to both sexually frustrate the plaintiff, deprive the plaintiff of any sort of sexual gratification, and deny the plaintiff his right to sexual reproduction.” Gawker quoted him as saying in the lawsuit. Huh?

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham stated: “He’s not going to get any of those materials from us. As long as I’ve been with the sheriff’s department we haven’t ever allowed porno in the jail. It’s against our rules, it’s that simple.”

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2 Responses to “An Interesting Legal Case – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

  1. SpineMDon 25 Feb 2012 at 11:04 am

    This is the same type of pervert who would rape a teenage girl from acting out the porn he would like to watch in prison.
    It’s good to know we are keeping him off the streets.

  2. Joe Hortonon 25 Feb 2012 at 12:53 pm

    I think that there are jails with considerable sexual activity. Perhaps he’d like to meet Bubba, aka Da Man.