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Jun 01 2009

Juiced Jurors

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We are supposed to be tried by a jury of our peers. While it would be nice to have 12 doctors sitting in the jury box, if that ever happens, it will qualify as a case report. Nonetheless, a cottage industry has emerged to define who the best twelve potential jurors (or however many are […]

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Feb 16 2009

The Octuplets: Standard of Care and a Lawsuit?

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Patients often make requests for procedures that run counter to the doctor’s better judgment. Acceding to a patient’s wish, even after informing of dire consequences, can create a cascade of legal headaches for the accommodating doctor. An extreme example is illustrated by a rare condition known as body integrity identity disorder (a subset categorized by […]

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Feb 09 2009

Healthcare Reform in 2009: Just What The Doctor Ordered

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I often attend health policy discussions. I am usually the only physician in the room. My colleagues lament they just do not have time to make their voices heard. As healers, our first duty is to care of the sick and disabled; and to provide comfort when we have little else to offer. I hope […]

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Dec 16 2008

Doctor, How Much Are You Being Paid To Testify Today?

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It takes little time reviewing reports of high profile trials to question just how “expert” expert witness testimony is. Almost any trial hinging on highly complex issues, such as health care, requires an expert witness on each side. And where the stakes are high, attorneys may hire multiple experts.

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